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Vegan Leather Safety Strap - 2 colors

Vegan Leather Safety Strap - 2 colors

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Our new safety straps come in 2 colors. Brown and dark brown. And an easy way to adjust it so it fits all glasses and sunglasses. Never drop your sunnies again!

What are Eyeglass Chains / Sunglasses Retainer?

Eyeglass chains, also known as eyewear retainers, are convenient accessories used to hang your sunglasses around your neck when you're not wearing them but need them within reach. These chains attach to the sides of your glasses and dangle around your neck.

They also provide a safety function, catching your sunglasses if they were to fall or slip from your face.

Initially, these were available only for men, but now you can find a wide variety for women and all age groups.

Why Use Eyeglass Chains / Sunglasses Retainer?

Eyeglass chains are essential if you enjoy sports or outdoor activities. When engaging in activities like fishing, running, or hiking, it's crucial to have your sunglasses within easy reach.

These chains keep your glasses close to your body when they're not in use, which is particularly useful for outdoor activities as they prevent your glasses from being blown away as they might on a longer lanyard.

An eyeglass chain can also be handy in everyday scenarios. For instance, if you need to remove your sunglasses to complete a task and then put them back on, an eyeglass chain is an excellent solution.

What to Consider When Buying an Eyeglass Chain / Sunglasses Retainer?

While all chains aim to do the same thing, there's a wide variety to choose from in the market. Aspects like color, material, and size can greatly influence your use of the eyeglass chain.

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an eyeglass chain:

Compatibility: Make sure the chain fits your sunglasses well. Some chains are designed for thin frames, while others are suitable for thicker ones. Adjustability: An adjustable eyeglass chain offers great convenience. It stays off your neck, so you don't feel like you're wearing a retainer.

Material: Choose a chain that's comfortable around your neck and protects your glasses. They come in different materials, like steel and silicone. Pick one that doesn't irritate your skin and keeps you comfortable.

Color: Consider which chain color suits you best. It's worth assessing how the eyeglass chain will match your outfit. With expanding product ranges, we have more options than ever. Keeping these factors in mind can help you make an informed choice.

Benefits of Using Eyeglass Chains / Sunglasses Retainer

Knowing the advantages of eyewear retainers can help you maximize their use. Here are some benefits:

Prevents losing them: Let's face it, most of us misplace our glasses, no matter how organized we are. A retainer is a perfect solution to keep your glasses in place when not in use. Protects lenses: While high-quality, anti-scratch lens coatings are useful for minor wear and tear, a sports glasses chain is essential for keeping the lens scratch-free during outdoor activities. Avoids spills: A spill on a table or desk at your workplace or home can damage your glasses.

A chain is an effective way to keep them safe. Prevents frame scratches: If you place your sunglasses on a desk or other surfaces, they could pick up tiny dust particles. A chain helps protect your glasses from such surfaces, preventing scratches on the frames. These benefits make eyeglass chains a smart investment for both men and women. They can save you money in the long run by avoiding the need for frequent glasses replacements.


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